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1 Kykyňa Kykyňa | Web | 11. října 2011 v 20:53 | Reagovat

No comment...
only five stars by me :)

2 Daduška :) Daduška :) | Web | 11. října 2011 v 21:18 | Reagovat

Is this article a true story?
If yes, I have really understood. I know exactly, what you wanted to write about. But I don´t think it´s hard to follow our hearts, sometimes it´s harder to tell them NO. Beacause the more we fall in love, the worse it´s then to stop thinking about the lovely days we expected knowing that they will never come back.
But that´s the life. And I still believe in dreaming. Because only when I dream, I can fly away from the reality.
I got you five stars, dear.
I love you :*

3 Tinka Tinka | Web | 14. října 2011 v 21:16 | Reagovat

[2]: This story isn´t based on reality , but it perfectly describes my situation. My feelings, that kill me step by step.
It´s not only about love.
It´s about life. reality. it´s about something, we shouldn´t worry.
it´s not just a dreaming.
Thank you , i love you too

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