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11. října 2011 v 20:06 | Martinka |  In my head
When she was just a little girl, she expected the whole world, but it flew away from her reach, so she ran away in her sleep. And dreamed of paradise... She closed her tired eyes in the stromy night and flew away. Still lying underneath the stromy skies, she said: " I know the sun will set to rise."

The girl fell in love for the first time and did things, she wouldn´t dare before. She left everything behind, loosing all her faith. She threw away the pain, turned off her lies. And still she made people see, like everything´s alright. She left the real her on the shelf. Cause deep inside, she cried....Please! Don´t let all her hopes die.
....loved to play with fire, people should have seen it in her eyes.

Now she´s staring at her reflection in the mirror, thinking: " You don´t deserve my tears! "
The more she tries, the less it´s working, cause everything inside her screams NO!
That sucks..

Dreaming is believing, it´s okay not to be okay.
...that our dreams can come true.

Sometimes it´s hard to follow our hearts.


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1 Kykyňa Kykyňa | Web | 11. října 2011 v 20:53 | Reagovat

No comment...
only five stars by me :)

2 Daduška :) Daduška :) | Web | 11. října 2011 v 21:18 | Reagovat

Is this article a true story?
If yes, I have really understood. I know exactly, what you wanted to write about. But I don´t think it´s hard to follow our hearts, sometimes it´s harder to tell them NO. Beacause the more we fall in love, the worse it´s then to stop thinking about the lovely days we expected knowing that they will never come back.
But that´s the life. And I still believe in dreaming. Because only when I dream, I can fly away from the reality.
I got you five stars, dear.
I love you :*

3 Tinka Tinka | Web | 14. října 2011 v 21:16 | Reagovat

[2]: This story isn´t based on reality , but it perfectly describes my situation. My feelings, that kill me step by step.
It´s not only about love.
It´s about life. reality. it´s about something, we shouldn´t worry.
it´s not just a dreaming.
Thank you , i love you too

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